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The Haven in Allyn Care for the Elderly

Haven in Allyn is Hood Canal’s Senior Care Resource. We provide a wide range of personal care options for seniors. From Home Care to Adult Day Health, Haven in Allyn offers many options for Respite care and support for the care giver. We offer our exclusive assisted living facility. All services are available in the Hood Canal Region.

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  • You have never asked for a review from me since my Mom lived with you, and you didn’t ask me for this one, but I have to say… I never knew she could be so happy and have so many loving people around her who cared for her as well as you did. You were a part of her family, and you treated her as such. She came to you in dire need of attention, from a previous assisted living facility. I was there a LOT and I never had to go find someone to tend to her needs.

    Susan White
  • I am so happy we found this wonderful facility for our mother. Tommy and the rest of the staff treat Mom with so much kindness and love, and whenever I visit I’m made to feel like family. Whatever needs have arisen, you’ve been equal to them. I really appreciate how welcome we have felt to speak up when something is amiss, and then see it quickly resolved. Thank you!

    Bethany Reid
  • Thank you for loving Him like family; For making him drink his water; for driving him to reunions, doctors and families house; For keeping him engaged in life ; For Sharing the phone; for allowing your children to be apart of his life and for helping him Choose life.

  • Sometimes I wish I lived there! Beautiful water views, excellent meals, personable caring staff & beautiful, sweet Debra!

    Tricia Justice
  • I choose the Haven because Janice had spent a few days there, prior to her living there permanently. The facility was always clean and the personal service was very professional

    Richard Stacy
  • I whole heartily recommend this facility all being cared for by a wonderful staff

    Hannelore Stuart



If at all possible, try to visit the facility for yourself so you can see first-hand how the residents are treated and if the facility is kept clean and appears to be safe. Definitely talk with the Administrator and ask every possible question you may have on your mind. A good Administrator will listen to your concerns and address each one. He or she will also provide additional information you may have not thought about yourself.